1. #nycpeople


  2. mikemanoart:


    A new piece deputing at “From the wrist up” an art show focusing on the theme of hands. You can see it for yourself at Paxton Gate Kids this Friday (the 22nd) in San Francisco !

    My homie, Mike Manomivibul, created this stunning piece for an upcoming show in SF, where you can feast your pretty eyes those brushstrokes in person.


  3. A recent sketch that I wanted to turn into an illustration. 


  4. When I’m not drawing, riding bikes is another passion, especially when the weather gets nice.  And in the Bay Area, wherever I go I run into other bicyclists(not literally). I can’t help but characterize them in my own way. A bike is just another accessory along side jackets, shoes, and dogs, where everything becomes unique to the individual. Even the naked guy needs a scarf. 


  5. Fishhead sketch for today.


  6. One of my favorite bars in Oakland. Can you guess it?


  7. #Personal piece post (ppp for short).

    Recently I’ve become more intrigued by astrology and the Zodiac signs, as a tool to use in understanding their behaviors; not so much as a way to define character.

    I thought it would be fun to take the last seven Chinese Zodiac animal signs and characterize them in a personal way. I’ve lived in California for seven years, so each of these represents a year for me in a way. The year of the Pig I moved down to start art school, taking out lots of loans. The year of the Rabbit was the year after graduation, so not such a good year.  Despondent in the realities of day-job life, I carried around the year of the tiger in comparison for the next few years to come.  However, things improved. The year of the Dragon I was hired at a game-studio to be a full time artist, but subsequently lost the job the next year. Snake had its ups and downs, more uncertain than the rest.

     I read up on horse-people. The zodiac sign, not centaurs. Apparently they thrive in groups and like attention, but also are quick to learn and find their independence. Sounds pretty good to me. Kinda jealous I’m only an ox.  But I have a feeling that this year the horse is going to push forward and conquer new land. Perhaps I feel like that at the start of every new year. Its only month two, so we still have time. 


  8. More versions of my weekly side project- about some dogs and their owners


  9. Douc Langur is a small primate native of Southeast Asia, and also a prime subject of some art I’m making for an upcoming and talented band called Douc Langur.  Its a great project for me to work on, for one because drawing primates is tons of fun; secondly making conceptual art for musicians or bands can be very open ended and a great way to experiment with all the tools in the box. 


  10. Uploading some new sketches and pages here for this comic I’m working on. It’s slow and steady as she goes. I’d be surprised if anyone remembers when I posted last about this. More to come soon, including dialogue. Promise.